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How Key tips for a successful hospital merger or acquisition can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

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Professor, Texas Health and Science University, Austin, Texas So you awaken one day and an opportunity comes your way to purchase a hospital. You believe to yourself, why not? Well, I will tell you some reasons regarding why you might wish to consider it and why you might wish to avoid the concept entirely.

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In my case, the health center was owned by a group of physicians. And, regrettably, in today's environment, this administration is opposed to physicians owning healthcare facilities and imposes Stark limitations upon them. Intuitively, it makes some sense to have medical professionals be bought the medical facility world because the patient frequently stems with seeking care of such physicians.

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And as a self-confessed capitalist, I am ok if they earn money! sondercare aura may appear that healthcare facilities owned by physicians appear to be a natural fit. About 4 percent of healthcare facilities running in the United States (U.S.) are physician owned. Many have actually demonstrated excellent patient results. Some of those who are important of physician-owned hospitals declare the exceptional results are due to physicians "cherry picking" the patients and not admitting the bad or patients with complex cases.

Sadly, the federal government does not share that perspective and there are lots of laws that prohibit physicians owning a healthcare facility if the hospital is intriguing in taking federal dollars like Medicare, Medicaid or TRICARE, which is the health care program for military beneficiaries who are signed up in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System.

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The federal government's required exclusion of federal payers is a conundrum for many physician-owned healthcare facilities. The easy reason is that age is an independent threat consider the acquisition of diseases of all types. Simply put, the older we get, the more we require healthcare. Some of the care required are treatments which are carried out at a hospital on an outpatient basis and, sometimes, perhaps even need an over night remain at the medical facility.

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In fact, about 60 percent of a healthcare facility's pa

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